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E.P.S. s.r.l.

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EPS has extensive experience that extends for 30 years in mould design and manufacture, injection moulding and assembling, design and manufacture of components like plastic and stainless steel levelling adjustable feet for catering equipment. Moreover, the fact of having an internal experienced technical team, a right mechanized 5 plants in Italy and the latest digital technology, allows EPS to provide complete customer’s solutions. EPS is certificated UNI EN ISO 9001 and provides a range of process FOOD CONTACT and controls to produce and assembly articles in contact with food and beverage (Regulation CE No.1935/2004, Regulation UE No.10/2011, DM 21/03/1973). EPS introduced LEAN techniques in main processes and organization systems. Markets deal with: Automotive, HVAC & building automation, Ho.Re.Ca. and foodservice industry, Machinery Industry, Textile industry, Vending